Reading Learning Adventure

Reading Learning Adventure

What is the Reading Learning Adventure Program?

The Reading Learning Adventure Program was created by two educators with over 4o years of combined teaching experience. It was created to help strengthen the literacy foundation of young children. This program consists of 6 content areas with 5-8 levels of instruction for each area.  The content areas have been divided into modules.  Recommended for ages 3-6. 

The teachers for the program are Ms. Monica and Ms. Yvette. You can read more about them under our About tab.


Reading Learning Adventure Bundle

The Bundle includes access to all 6 modules (content ares).

  • Letter Discovery
  • Mounds of Sounds
  • Phonics Fun
  • Vocab & Me
  • Connect the Text
  • Sentence Structure

Letter Discovery – Module 1

Let’s discover letters! In this module children will review uppercase and lowercase letters. The goal is for children to begin identifying some letters of the alphabet. The recognition of letters is a foundational part of learning how to read. Identifying letters enables the reader to figure out how printed text is associated with the spoken language.

Mounds of Sounds – Module 2

It’s time for Mounds and Sounds. In this module children will start learning some basic letter sounds. Learning letter sounds allows children to begin making sound-letter associations. Knowing letter sounds will helps students to ‘decode’ written language and learn new words.

Phonics Fun – Module 3

Lets have some Phonics Fun! In this module children will start learning the relationship between letters and sounds. They will learn what words are and start blending sounds. Phonics helps children develop their reading comprehension and decode new words as they read.

Vocab & Me – Module 4

Let’s have fun with words! In this module children will learn new vocabulary, what words mean, read words and play word games. Vocabulary is the foundation for comprehension. It helps children express themselves, understand what other people are saying and what they are reading.

Connect the Text – Module 5

Let’s Read! In this module children will focus on reading comprehension. Children will participate in activities and games to increase their understanding of the text. They will also, in return, learn how to process what they’ve read. Engaging with the text helps children become active readers.

Sentence Structure – Module 6

Let’s talk sentences! In this module children will focus on the meaning of a sentence, the structure of a sentence, reading and writing. Sentence Structure provides children with a clear framework to express themselves through written form. 


What Our Families are Saying

We were so excited to learn that Ms. Monica was offering a Pre-K all for the school year! The structure is wonderful and we love the way she engages with the kids. We love the worksheets that are provided and the curriculum. Our son has continued to learn new things with this class. He also enjoys singing and dancing during the bilingual music class that’s provided. 

Parent – Maya

Our four year old absolutely loved Adventure Camp! He missed being in school and seeing a bright, bubbly teacher that would sing and teach him all about the world. We got that and more with Ms. Monica. Her videos were colorful and engaging. He loved singing, learning to read, and all of the fun activities that went with the weekly theme!    -Katie
Adventure Camp was a wonderful way for my son to start his day throughout the Summer. He absolutely loves Ms. Monica’s energy and method of teaching. The daily videos were just the right amount of time and perfect content for children. Materials required were accessible and the activities were fun and easy to follow. Thank you for providing this Summer Camp experience!    -Caryn
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