Pre-K All Program

Bring Preschool Fun and Learning Home with our Pre-K All Program. Here at Preschool Explorers we make it easy for you to add to your child’s Preschool Education. We offer an 8 week virtual pre-recorded preschool program great for ages 3-5 that you can implement at home.  The best part of this program is that we create all of the curriculum and lessons for you.

The Pre-K All program is a general education program for children in preschool or beginning preschool.  In this virtual program children will receive a daily pre-recorded lesson (Monday – Friday) and daily independent interactive activities/tasks. The program also provides access to a digital book program and Story Corner with Ms. Monica.

Please see more detailed information about this program below.

Pre-K All Semester 4 Program Dates & Information:

  • General Fee – $547 

  • Payment Plan – $199 per month (for 3 months)

  • Semester 4 = 8 weeks 

  • Flat Rate Fee

  • 8 Weeks of Preschool Lessons 

  • 1 pre-recorded lesson uploaded daily Monday – Friday

  • Age appropriate Activities & Skill building tasks

  • Access to Ms. Monica’s Epic Reading Platform Class Account

  • Story Corner with Ms. Monica

  • Weekly Lessons & Activity Bundle

  • Private Platform for all materials & replay video lessons

  • Mobile, Computer, Tablet and Laptop friendly lessons

  • These lessons do not stream on your television

What are the class dates?

  • Runs from May 2nd – June 24th

  • Pre-Recorded Lessons Monday – Friday

*All program lessons start on May 2, 2022 

*Refunds are available for all programs. Since this is a digital product/program we will offer partial payment refunds for a limited time. For partial refunds we will give you up until the 1st week of the program for a refund.  You pay for the 1st week plus an administration fee.  This semester’s refunds are only available through May 6, 2022 by 10AM PST.  Please email us at hello@preschoolexplorers.education for refund details.


Can I pay per week for the Pre-K All class? Is there a payment plan?

No, this program is a membership program.  You will have a monthly fee in order to maintain access to the program.

Does my child have to participate in all program lessons?

This is a membership program which allows you access to a varierty of content.  Once you purchase the package you will have access to a library of contetn, as well as video lessons, as they are released daily. You can watch the videos whenever you’d like and as many times as you’d like.  However, we recommend follwoing the order of lessons.  Skills and activities progress and get more challenging as time goes on.  

What ages are the programs suitable for?

Based on skills covered in our programs, they are recommended for ages 3+.  However, some 2.5 years olds may be ready for some of the basic skills and lessons.

How long will I have access to the Pre-K All content?

You will have access to all material as long as your membership is in good standing.

Will my child need materials ready at home for Pre-K All & Pre-K Cub lessons?

Yes, since our program happens in your home your child will need some materials each day.  You will be responsible for printing the worksheet and activities bundle provided each week.  We try to keep the materials to a minimum.  Your child will need simple materials in order to participate.  A materials list is provided for each week.  Once your program registration is complete you’ll have access to our private platform where you can find the materials list and more.  We’ll provide plenty of easy, economical ideas and suggestions.

Are any of your classes live lessons?

Yes, the Pre-K Cub program offers live lessons via Zoom.

What if my child isn't ready for some of the activities in the program?

Patience is key.  Have patience and give your child time to adapt to their new routines, work, lessons, etc.

Make sure you sample the first few classes and see if your child engages with the lessons.  You are given a time frame for a refund.


Can I receive a refund if I don't think the content is right for my child?

 The membership program does not offer refunds.  You can cancel your membership at any time.

Will I be able to access the entire week of content at the beginning of the school week?

No, you will not be able to access all of the content for the entire week.  The Pre-K All Lessons are uploaded daily Monday – Friday.  The Pre-K Cub Lessons are taught live daily.  Directions for each week, class materials and supplies will be available the Friday before each class week.  Everything can be found inside of the private course platform.

Do parents need to participate in Pre-K All & Pre-K Cub classes?

Our Preschool programs can be totally independent, however this will depend primarily on each individual child.  Children will need their basic materials set-up before their lesson begins.  Parent preparation is simple and can be done ahead of time the night before or morning of the class.  

Can I write these programs off on my taxes?
Our programs are considered to be educational enrichment programs because of the virtual nature.  Our programs are not day care programs.  Families must consult with their tax preparer regarding the deductibility of the expenses. 

What Our Families are Saying

We were so excited to learn that Ms. Monica was offering a Pre-K all for the school year! The structure is wonderful and we love the way she engages with the kids. We love the worksheets that are provided and the curriculum. Our son has continued to learn new things with this class. He also enjoys singing and dancing during the bilingual music class that’s provided. 

Parent – Maya

Our four year old absolutely loved Adventure Camp! He missed being in school and seeing a bright, bubbly teacher that would sing and teach him all about the world. We got that and more with Ms. Monica. Her videos were colorful and engaging. He loved singing, learning to read, and all of the fun activities that went with the weekly theme!    -Katie

Adventure Camp was a wonderful way for my son to start his day throughout the Summer. He absolutely loves Ms. Monica’s energy and method of teaching. The daily videos were just the right amount of time and perfect content for children. Materials required were accessible and the activities were fun and easy to follow. Thank you for providing this Summer Camp experience!    -Caryn

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