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Here at Preschool Explorers we believe that “It takes a village to raise a child”.  It takes all of us to impact the lives of young children.  Parents are very much a part of the Preschool Explorers program experience.  

From Our Community

Pre-k Explorers has been great! I was struggling to put together a curriculum for my child while juggling work and a 18 month old during this pandemic, it was an added stressor.  We were already fans of Circle Time so it was an easy decision to make to sign up for PreK All. I have been able to see areas that he is good in and where he needs work. Thank you Ms. Monica for sharing your gifts and helping our kids get ready for Kindergarten.

Parent – LaWanda O

We were so excited to learn that Ms. Monica was offering a Pre-K all for the school year! The structure is wonderful and we love the way she engages with the kids. We love the worksheets that are provided and the curriculum. Our son has continued to learn new things with this class. He also enjoys singing and dancing during the bilingual music class that’s provided. 

Parent – Maya

Child – 4yrs

Pre-K All has been amazing for me and my 4 year old! We began watching Circle Time with Ms. Monica during quarantine 2020 and my daughter LOVED it! When Ms. Monica announced Pre-K All I jumped at the opportunity to enroll her. My daughter feels very comfortable with Ms. Monica and her teaching methods so the investment was certainly worth it. She has learned SO much in such a short time! Our entire family is impressed with her growing intellect. Ms. Monica is the best teacher ever!!!! I wish her much success in the coming years with Pre-K All. It WILL be major!

Parent – Courtney

Child – 4yrs

When the pandemic emergency first became evident and preschools and daycares shut down, I had major anxiety about how I would keep my 3 year old only child engaged in learning. By chance, we found Ms. Monica’s Circle Time and from the beginning, Kaden was hooked! So when the Preschool Explorers class was announced, I knew we had to sign up! It has definitely lived up to all our expectations. Kaden works with his Granny every day during class time as I listen from the other room while working from home. I can hear him laughing, yelling out answers and having a great time with his learning crafts. Every time Ms. Monica says his name during class, he yells out “MS. MONICA SAAAIIIDDDD MY NAMEE!!” He’s just so excited about the engagement. Every day he can’t wait to show me what he accomplished during class. Long story short, Preschool Explorers has been a Godsend. Thank you for your commitment to educating our babies and helping parents get through this trying time as well. I can’t wait to see what is next in store!

Parent – Jessica Jones

Child – 3yrs

We found Ms. Monica during the summer for Adventure Camp on IG and the program was amazing! My little one had so much fun and learned so much! I was so excited with Ms. Monica announced Preschool Explorers for the fall; while I had decided to homeschool( while working 100% from home) I had no real idea what I was doing. I had purchased stuff and other preschool curriculums but I had no way of measuring if what I was doing was right, especially the right pace for my 3 year old. Once Preschool Explorers started I could sleep better at night knowing that my daughter was getting what she needed to be ready for Kindergarten in the fall. This program has not only been a great experience for her but for me as well!! We are all learning so much! OH!! and the weekly parent meetings are AMAZING!!


Parent – Recie G

Child – 3yrs

Ms. Monica Sutton and her Pre-K All Program has been a godsend to my daughter during this COVID pandemic. My daughter has learned so much these past couple of weeks with this program. The live class is very interactive, with lots of themes and materials. Ms. Sutton is full of energy, engaging and creative. Her early childhood education experience is top notch. I love that this program also offers Bilingual Birdies and Epic (a digital reading platform). My daughter enjoys reading so much more now. I definitely plan to continue my daughter’s education with Ms. Sutton. I highly recommend this program to any parent/family that is seeking a virtual Pre-K program.THANK YOU SO MUCH MS. MONICA!!

Parent – Bergela Godman

Child – 3yrs

Ms. Monica is the best thing that has happened to us during this tough year! We love her energetic nature and her passion for teaching which is evident with every lesson. Our 3-year old daughter has learned so much, including mastering scissor skills, drawing faces, comparing size and quantity, and recognizing letter sounds, from online classes one hour a day five times a week. Because Ms. Monica taught her how to write the letters in the alphabet, she was able to write this letter to Santa all by herself (we helped with spelling).

Parent – K Van-Dinh

Child – 3yrs

Preschool Explorers allows parents to be a more integral part of their children’s educational journey alongside a true professional. Ms. Monica has curated an amazing learning experience virtually!  Pre-K All has been a Godsend during such strange times. Thank you Ms. Monica!

Parent –Glegine

Liam has learned so much in the preschool explorers program. Before signing him up my biggest worry was that he was going to be behind when he started kindergarten but Ms. Monica has taught and introduced him too so many things that I’m now confident he is going to be fine once he starts kindergarten. I’m glad that I signed him up for this program. Thank you and look forward to next semester.

Parent – Teresa

Child – 3yrs

Thank you so much for these lessons. We live outside the US and are raising our children bilingual. The Adventure Camp: Classroom was perfect for our 4-year-old son’s [native language] English learning. He loves animals and is really into dinosaurs these days, so these aspects of the content were an added bonus.   

Parent – Rob

Child – 4yrs

Our four year old absolutely loved Adventure Camp! He missed being in school and seeing a bright, bubbly teacher that would sing and teach him all about the world. We got that and more with Ms. Monica. Her videos were colorful and engaging. He loved singing, learning to read, and all of the fun activities that went with the weekly theme!   

Parent – Katie

Child – 4yrs

Adventure Camp was a wonderful way for my son to start his day throughout the Summer. He absolutely loves Ms. Monica’s energy and method of teaching. The daily videos were just the right amount of time and perfect content for children. Materials required were accessible and the activities were fun and easy to follow. Thank you for providing this Summer Camp experience!   

Parent – Caryn

Child – 3yrs

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