About Us

Our Story

Learning at home is nothing new for toddlers and preschoolers. So it’s only right to enhance their in-home learning with Preschool Explorers.

It’s here! I present to you Preschool Explorers, a virtual early childhood learning space created by Monica J Sutton in the Summer of 2020.  The programs at preschool explorers are created specifically for young children.

The Preschool Explorers Virtual School is an early childhood space designed for young children ranging in ages from 3 years old through 5 years old.

Preschool Explorers was created out of a passion for teaching young children and fulfilling a void in the online early childhood education space. 

Preschool Explorers assists students to acquire basic skills while building a love for learning and embracing natural curiosity. This is done through the areas of approaches to learning, social/emotional development, basic reading, expressive language, math, sciences, physical education, and art exploration. 



Our Philosophy

Whether your child is homeschooling, participating in remote learning, going to school physically or a combination of any of these, you can include one of our programs in your child’s educational journey.

We are launching our first Kindergarten enrichment program, called Kinder Explorers in Fall 2022. 

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