Preschool Explorers is an early childhood online learning space designed for young children ages 3 – 5 years old. Our curriculum focuses on  standard developmental milestones in the general virtual classroom setting.



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Whether your child is homeschooling, participating in remote learning or going to school physically, you can include one of our programs in your child’s educational journey.


What Our Families are Saying

We were so excited to learn that Ms. Monica was offering a Pre-K all for the school year! The structure is wonderful and we love the way she engages with the kids. We love the worksheets that are provided and the curriculum. Our son has continued to learn new things with this class. He also enjoys singing and dancing during the bilingual music class that’s provided. 

Parent – Maya

Preschool Explorers allows parents to be a more integral part of their children’s educational journey alongside a true professional. Ms. Monica has curated an amazing learning experience virtually!  Pre-K All has been a Godsend during such strange times. Thank you Ms. Monica!

Parent -Glegine

Liam has learned so much in the preschool explorers program. Before signing him up my biggest worry was that he was going to be behind when he started kindergarten but Ms. Monica has taught and introduced him too so many things that I’m now confident he is going to be fine once he starts kindergarten. I’m glad that I signed him up for this program. Thank you and look forward to next semester.

Parent – Teresa